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New Single "Outrageous"

Veracious Heart - EP

Debut EP full of original songs.
"Raw, authentic, veracious and profoundly felt thoughts out loud. The struggles, emotions and heartbreaks that I've been through... then they were recorded from scratch in the home studio setting in LA. If you're feeling down, this could be your therapy."


ZØYA - Outrageous (Official Music Video)

ZØYA - Chaos in My Head (Official Music Video)

ZØYA - I Still Believe (Official Music Video)

ZØYA - I Still Believe (Official Lyric Video)

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons (Acoustic Cover by ZØYA)

"Despite all the darkness that is going on in our world and America nowadays...let's keep on loving and empowering each other! Let the light, love, hope and peace drive out darkness and all the injustice that is happening around the world. I released an acoustic cover of this awesome song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons to remind you of this. Spread the word." - ZØYA