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Journey - EP (2020)

Journey EP is a collection of emotive, post-heartbreak original songs that encourage self-love, believing in yourself and letting it go despite of how challenging it can be. "The entire EP is a reminder to myself that I am much stronger than I know and I can get through the hard times even when life seems to be full of uncertainty. I’m choosing to be fully present and alive as well as appreciating what I have at the moment even when things aren't happening fast enough or aren’t perfect right now. Life is a journey and we're all in this together." - ZØYA

Veracious Heart - EP (2017)

Debut EP full of original songs.
"Raw, authentic, veracious and profoundly felt thoughts out loud. The struggles, emotions and heartbreaks that I've been through... then they were recorded from scratch in the home studio setting in LA. If you're feeling down, this could be your therapy."


ZØYA - THIS IS THE END (Official Visualizer)

ZØYA - I AM BEAUTIFUL (Visualizer)

ZØYA - Let Me Go (Official Music Video)

ZØYA - Outrageous (Official Music Video)

ZØYA - Chaos in My Head (Official Music Video)

ZØYA - Let Me Go (Live Stripped Version)

ZØYA - I Still Believe (Official Music Video)


ZØYA - I Still Believe (Official Lyric Video)

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons (Acoustic Cover by ZØYA)

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