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EARMILK: ZØYA finds courage in letting go with new single "Outrageous"

March 18, 2020

"Spirited singer-songwriter ZØYA shares the power of healing through her passionate and entrancing sound. Her latest single "Outrageous" glows with dazzling synths gliding beneath raw, gritty vocals. The track is an emotive narration of an abusive relationship and finding the strength to walk away. Detailing the importance of setting boundaries and valuing your self-worth, the song illustrates the blatant disrespect and belittling she consistently received.  ZØYA reveals in her press release, "I had to choose to say no to a "toxic stranger", and never allow that person to hurt me and/or emotionally abuse me (whether it was verbally or non-verbally) even when it was difficult to let that person go.The stunningly, cinematic visuals directed by Anastasia Lebedeva and Anna Yulina showcase ZØYA's blind trek across the salt flats. Greeted by a masked man, she must use her wits to outsmart him. Cleverly tying his shoelaces together, ZØYA is able to take back her power and he eventually collapses to the ground." - EARMILK, Chloe Robinson

Wolf in a Suit: Music Video “Outrageous” by ZØYA

March 12, 2020

"Indie singer/songwriter ZØYA comes to Wolf in a Suit with an amazing and powerful blend of melodies and lyrics in “Outrageous”. With this track she opens up her heart and soul and speaks up in regards of past relationship conflict that marked her and became part of her story. The soundscape is beautifully poetic while showcasing a firm connection with the raw reality of life and how at times what seems right first might not be the same forever. She understands that the truth must be part of who you are and what you portray to the world as it serves to give you strength and make sure your voice heard as boundaries are set. The track comes to us with an intoxicating barrage of feelings and emotions that are perfectly complemented by the mesmerizing visuals. So listen carefully and embrace the empowering lyricism that makes this soundscape a must for any music lover." - Wolf in a Suit

Aupium: ZØYA Deserts Bad Relationships In New Video “Outrageous”

March 11, 2020

"LA-based artist ZØYA takes us to the vast and blinding lands of abusive relationships in her new video “Outrageous.” Directed by Anastasia Lebedeva and Anna Yulina, the video features ZØYA blindfolded as she seeks for a toxic lover in the middle of the desert before seeing the reality of it all. It’s a visually stunning metaphor and one that nails what it feels to be with someone who is just poison..." - Aupium

Ladygunn: Unfiltered & Unrestrained, ZØYA Talks Politics, Religion, and Breaking Free from Emotional Abuse

February 21, 2020

"With the release of her latest single to date, ZØYA publicly confronts a season of significant pain in her life, that of feeling trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship. Appropriately titled “Outrageous,” ZØYA is unfiltered and unrestrained, as she passionately calls it quits on her abuser. An electronic infused, pop jam the sentiment screams strength while allowing for plenty of feels and groove. In celebration of the release we curated an exclusive release day interview with the multifaceted ZØYA, delving deep into a myriad of topics including religion and the music industry, domestic and international politics, and how she grew past emotional abuse. Read on below…" - Ladygunn, Jessica Thomas

Medium: Zøya Releases Powerful ‘Outrageous’

February 21, 2020

“Outrageous” opens on shimmering, oscillating colors flowing into creamy textures riding a muscular rhythm. The melody reflects pop, soul, and R&B savors, as Zøya’s sumptuously evocative voice infuses the lyrics with deliciously nuanced inflections rife with urgent dripping colors. Gleaming glows of vocal harmonies provide radiant dimension, expanding the infectious flavors of the tune." - Medium, Randall Radic


September 29, 2019

"ZØYA joins us in the studio for an acoustic performance and interview!" - We Found New Music


July 29, 2019

"In my music, I write about real experience and struggle yet I want to encourage my listeners to move on and overcome the struggle that they’re dealing with at the moment. I want them to feel connected and welcomed; make sure they don’t feel alone. Life is a journey and we’re all in this together. I want to encourage and bring life to people through my songs." - VoyageLA Magazine

Beat Lab Academy: Beat Lab Reviews – Fresh Tracks of the Week October 19th, 2018

October 19, 2018

"ZØYA's voice is incredibly powerful on this newest single, So Far Away. ZØYA has a history in making church music, her faith is tangible in this song. The production is beautiful on the instrumental side and never detracts from her vocals, it only enhances. This is the display of a pure professional – clean production, shining vocals, and emotion bleeding from every note. ZØYA utilizes modern production techniques in the song but her vocals are always the focus, as they should be." - Beat Lab Academy, Michael Wiener

Aipate Magazine: Listen to ZØYA’s “So Far Away”

September 29, 2018

"ZØYA shares a new song, “So Far Away”. The singer/songwriter is an LA-based, independent recording artist whose emotionally-inclined compositions are strongly matched by her powerful vocals. On this new song, she talks about a relationship that turns out to be sour. ZØYA was born Zoya Naumchik in Pinsk, Belarus on September 4, 1993 but she grew up in Columbus, Ohio after she relocated to the US when she was 11 years old. She’s got a long music background and it is this that has propelled her to her current status of being one of the most exciting and promising pop acts." - Aipate Magazine, Phillip Nyalenda

POPMUZIK: ZØYA – So far away (Sweden)

September 18, 2018

"Vi tar oss än en gång till Los Angeles. Där hittar vi sångerskan ZØYA, eller Zoya Naumchik som är hennes hela namn. Hon är nu aktuellt med singeln So far away, där hennes karaktäristiska röst lyfter fram denna sköna och fängslande poplåt. Påminner lite om Paloma Faith, och det är ju aldrig fel." - Popmuzik, Johan Alexed 

VENTS MAGAZINE: ZØYA Releases New Single “So Far Away”

September 14, 2018

ZØYA has unveil the release of her new single."So Far Away is about a complicated, obsessive, unrequited love relationship that literally almost ate me alive. At one point in my life, I was desperate to find love and encountered someone who seemed ambiguous and ‘so far away’ in his feelings towards me, and that person turned out to be a wrong one at the end. It’s that pivotal moment when you realize that your feelings are unreciprocated, but you’re still hoping for that balanced and healthy relationship..." - VENTS Magazine, RJ Frometa


July 12, 2018

"Tune into the lovely Indie-Pop artist ZØYA ! The latest 99% Podcast is ready for your listening pleasure - Steereo

Skope Magazine: Pop Sensation ZØYA Confronts Her Demons with “Chaos in My Head”

March 06, 2018

"Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and pop sensation ZØYA makes her directorial debut dropping her powerful new music video for single, “Chaos in My Head.” In this deeply personal track, ZØYA addresses her endless struggle with depression and anxiety. Despite dealing with darkness, her songs are for those who need encouragement or a positive vibe throughout their day. ZØYA is a fighter who uses her music as therapy in the truest form."


March 02, 2018

"Bombastic dark pop is one of many things that are decidedly in at the moment, and ZØYA’s music taps deep into that sonic temperament: Fat oscillating synths surround her passionate outbursts, elevating her cries to last longer and feel stronger. Still, the song’s anthemic quality tends to mask much of the artist’s pain – something that feels particularly real in this music video, as ZØYA strives for comfort doing what she loves – comfort in being who she is and letting her music speak for itself, rather than donning a fake face to appeal to the “masses"...Also nabbing directorial credits on her video, ZØYA presents herself as the full package – an artist with a distinct vision.” - Atwood Magazine, Mitch Mosk


March 02, 2018

"With a haunting vocal quality and a chill—yet catchy—beat to back ZØYA, this song is a must have on your favorite playlist. ZØYA’s captivating voice is complimented by her gorgeous visual representation in the music video. We promise you, you'll be watching it over and over again!" - Travis Ram

Unsigned Music Blog: ZØYA

November 29, 2017

"According to ZØYA, even though she’s living a devout Christian lifestyle, she doesn’t want to put a Christian label on her music. Her main goal is to, “share my story with Everyone, give encouragement through music and dynamic live shows, and most importantly, spread the message of love, hope and self-empowerment.”


September 04, 2017

"ZØYA is an independent recording artist​, singer-songwriter, musician and storyteller​​ ​based in Los Angeles, CA...."

Odyssey: A Little Music, A Little Fashion, And A Little More

August 21, 2017

"Speaking of, ZØYA was one of my favorite performances from the festival. She gave a performance that showcased her talent and was full of life and passion. She spoke openly and genuinely about why some of her songs were written. Afterwards, she encouraged everyone to meet and chat with her by her merchandise table where she thanked everyone individually for taking time to listen to her set." - Julia Humphrey, Odyssey


July 10, 2017

"On the EP cover art, “​Vera” was intentionally underlined because it means faith in Russian language and I wanted to highlight the importance of this. All songs on my EP are faith filled. Each song has a story of my own. It was a raw and authentic songwriting process. While I was writing the songs, I felt there was something changing in me. My timid and broken heart was transforming into a Veracious Heart."

Niji Magazine - London, UK, Niji Magazine: ZØYA ‘Veracious Heart’ EP + Tour

May 26, 2017

"ZØYA believes that music heals and she wants to reach out to those folks who struggle with the same issues as she did, so that way they could open up and acknowledge their struggle, understand that they’re not alone in this world, and that there is always a hope, a new beginning, and that way their wounds will quickly heal."

Music Crowns: ZØYA shares her message of hope through new EP Veracious Heart

April 20, 2017

"Her new EP, Veracious Heart, holds these messages of hope which can be heard above in the track ‘I Still Believe‘. The song focuses on faith and how important it is to keep believing, regardless of the circumstances."

DOPECAUSEWESAID: Our Exclusive Interview With Singer-Songwriter ZØYA

April 14, 2017

"ZØYA is a very talented Columbus based Pop singer-songwriter whose newly released 5-song EP "Veracious Heart" was just reviewed by our contributor Peneliope Richards; go to our Features page to check it out. We connected with ZØYA to discuss her new EP, the positive message of her music, her musical influences, and her goals for the remainder of 2017. "

One Stop Record Shop (London, UK): New Music: ZØYA | I Still Believe

April 08, 2017

"There’s no denying ZØYA’s range, blending flecks of Paloma Faith with the power of SIA. It’s catchy, it’s powerful and it’s well worth hanging on until 0:45 to catch the track in all it’s glory."

WorldArts Music: ZØYA to release new EP “Veracious Heart”!

April 04, 2017

"Indie recording artist ZØYA has released her new debut EP Veracious Heart! The new EP features the single I Still Believe, a self-empowerment anthem that is the theme of her new #IStillBelieve campaign. Her new EP seeks to encourage and inspire listeners through her own life struggles, and find healing with each other and through a higher power. Her soul shines through her work, which is evident on I Still Believe, an uplifting song that highlights the importance of steadfastness of faith, and to “still believe” despite any circumstances."

Elite Muzik Magazine: Introducing ZØYA

April 04, 2017

"Kicking off her first official appearance on Elite Muzik, ZØYA presents us with audio for her brand new track “I Still Believe,” the first official offering from her debut EP Veracious Heart, out April 7th."

WorldArts Music: WorldArts first A&R Night with Jerry Greenberg!

October 20, 2016

"The first artist ZØYA, a singer, songwriter from Columbus, Ohio. She performed an emotionally charged world premiere of three songs she just recorded. Her single ‘I Still Believe’ is an emotional track about overcoming obstacles and ‘Falling Apart’ is about a heartbreak." - WorldArts

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